Here is a list of the Forest related, and football sites I find interesting. Updated & verified 02/05/14.

Forest blogs
Seat Pitch - Perhaps my favourite Forest related blog with a varied menu.
View From The Main Stand - My other favourite - author has a lot of potential.
Forest 24/7 - Interesting opinion based articles.
Mist Rolling in from The Trent - Intelligently written blog especially useful for football finances.
eighteensixtyfive - Pleasant and well written blog.
Stress & Pie - Funny, funny, funny - a must read. Genius.
Forest, Food & Frivolity - Opinion based writing, a good read.
Trentside Tales - Interesting blog by Neil Harrison, can lose yourself for hours here.
Alan March Sport - Well written opinions.
Confessions of a Trentside Statto - New blog, has potential.

Forest forums
City Ground Faithful - The quieter and calmer of the Forest forums.
Vital Forest - Busy & loud Forest Forum
LTLF - Another busy forum - Another forum. I'm not as familiar with this as I should be.

Forest information, statistics & data
Forest Mad - Complete league & match history.
Bridport Red - Forest statistics blog up until 2012/2013, on seasons and players. Worth a visit.

General statistics & data
Who Scored - The most useful match-by-match statistics site on the net. Club-by-club.
Sqwarka - The other big statistics site. Club-by-club.
On Goals Scored - Very elegant site with football data visualisations. Must see.
Stat Bunker - "The most detailed and up-to-date stats on the net." - League statistics - exceedingly useful & easy to use. - Player transfer information & statistics.
Football lineups - Information and match reports on formations & tactics.
Sporting Life - News & match reports.
11 v 11 - Statistics and history - great for a historical overview. Club-by-club.
Zonal Marking - The leading football tactics blog on the net.


  1. Why haven't I seen this site before? Great site, thanks to Daniel Taylor for the heads up!

    Keep up the great work.


  2. Any chance of adding a new link to the Link page? A new Forest stats site is now online, at
    Thanks Boffin!